SpiderTech™Kinesiology Taping forAthletic Injuries

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Athletic injuries are very common, and are often treated using chiropractic and physical therapy. Here at Holliston Spine and Sports Center, we believe in utilizing every possible source to accelerate healing and help athletes return to an active lifestyle free of pain and discomfort. Part of that mission includes using preventative measures that may help reduce the seriousness of an injury, or otherwise prevent it altogether. That is why we use SpiderTech™ Kinesiology Taping to help prevent, manage and treat athletic injuries.

SpiderTech™ tape is a non-residual tape used during athletic activity. Unlike other types of kinesiology tape, SpiderTech™ tape is pre-cut into specific shapes designed to target certain areas of the body. The tape is not medicated, but rather works by improving blood flow and circulation to areas of the body that have been previously injured or are prone to injury, effectively reducing inflammation and helping the muscles regenerate faster during and after strenuous activity.

The "X" shaped SpiderTech™ tape is often used for back injuries, spreading from each shoulder blade across the back. Similarly, the upper knee Spider is helpful for high-impact activities that cause stress to the joints, muscles and ligaments surrounding the knee. In fact, SpiderTech™ tapes work as alternatives to knee braces for many athletes. There are many types of Spider tape shapes available -- each of which is designed with a specific purpose. Spider tapes can be applied to the ankles, neck, back, elbows, feet, shoulders, arms, knees and over just about any area of the body that is prone to pain during activity.

Who Can Benefit from Sports Taping?

Almost anyone can benefit from sports taping. Whether you are a professional athlete, or just a highly active individual, sports taping can help you manage pain from previous neck, shoulder, joint or back injuries. Everyone from casual recreational runners to Olympic athletes use SpiderTech™ taping because it is highly effective and allows many athletes to perform a peak performance. Even if you have no athletic injuries, SpiderTech™ taping methods can prevent or reduce post-work out soreness, or it can keep a previous injury from recurring throughout athletic activity.

Here at Holliston Spine and Sports Center, our chiropractor, Dr. Michael Krupa, is a Certified SpiderTech™ Practitioner. That means that he has attended specific training to learn how to use SpiderTech™ technology to diagnose and treat athletic injuries. Depending on the extent of your pain or injury, Dr. Krupa can help you determine if sports taping is right for you.

Whether you are looking for greater comfort during your work-outs, reduced stress to your body's soft tissues, or alternatives to knee braces and other traditional braces, we may be able to help. Contact us today for a complete consultation. We look forward to helping you live the active lifestyle you enjoy without pain, inflammation or bruising.


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