At this office, we take great pride in providing the finest chiropractic wellness care to our patients. Below is a sampling of the different chiropractic services we offer in our office.

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Mass Chiropractic Services • Personal Injuries

The Holliston Spine & Sports Center provides chiropractic care to provide relief for back pain and neck pain that patients may experience due to a number of different causes. Some patients may have been severely affected by a sports injury, work injuries or auto accidents, or they may be suffering from the negative effects of a debilitating condition like sciatica or fibromyalgia. No matter what type of health condition or injury may be causing your pain, Dr. Krupa can provide all-natural treatment and wellness care to help you get on your feet and back to better health.

Our chiropractor focuses on natural care treatment for headaches, migraines and other forms of pain. Instead of just covering up the pain with prescription medication we look to find the underlying cause of discomfort or misalignment and treat that. The most basic form of our care is the chiropractic adjustment. This is designed to help bring the spine and neck back into alignment so the body can heal from within. These adjustments benefit athletes who have a sports injury as the result of an on-field collision as well as patients who are experiencing whiplash from auto accidents. KDTNFsupine Machine

Chiropractic Services Provides Natural Care Treatment

Because many patients come to us with both pain and mobility issues due to sciatica, sports injuries or work injuries, our chiropractor also offers several treatments which support and complement his chiropractic care. Physiotherapy can be particularly helpful for relieving pain and inflammation and in rehabilitation for restoring range of motion. These treatments may include directed exercises, ultrasound, traction, and interferential electrical muscle stimulation based on your unique injury and pain management needs.

Many headaches and migraines can be caused by poor posture, sports injuries or auto accidents. In these cases, custom-made pelvic stabilizers, or orthotics, from Foot Levelers, Inc. may be helpful in stabilizing your gait and relieving unnatural pressure on your spinal column.

Our chiropractor is just as interested in preventing injuries as treating them. Because of his background as a Board Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, many athletes rely on his input and advice to improve their levels of performance. They find that his corrective exercises can help them increase strength and conditioning, improve endurance, and lessen the possibility of strains and injury. Dr. Krupa is certified in SpiderTech™ Kinesiology taping which many athletes use for injury recovery, performance enhancement, and injury prevention.

Some patients also seek chiropractic care on a regular basis as part of a total wellness program. They find that our adjustments can help maintain flexibility, relieve stress and just help them feel better every day. Dr. Krupa may even provide advice on golf performance or backpack safety to help keep everyone performing at their best. Whether it’s back pain or neck pain, headaches or migraines, seek out professional care from the healthcare team at Holliston Spine & Sports Center where we believe in optimizing your lifestyle through chiropractic.


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