Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression

Massachusetts Decompression Middlesex County

Corrects Positioning of Spine to Reduce Pain and Discomfort

If you suffer from pain and stiffness in your neck or back, you may have a bulging, herniated or compressed disc. While traditional chiropractic adjustments can correct many musculoskeletal problems, displaced discs often need a little extra help in returning to their normal position between the vertebrae. For this situation we turn to spinal decompression -- a gentle yet powerful service offered (alongside chiropractic adjustments and other techniques) by our Framingham chiropractor, Dr. Michael J. Krupa, at Holliston Spine & Sports Center.


The human spinal column does an amazing job of supporting your weight and maintaining your vertical balance under all kinds of circumstances, and yet parts of it are surprisingly fragile. Between each of the vertebrae that make up your spine, small gelatinous discs provide critical cushioning. These discs consist of a fluid-filled center encased in a flexible membrane. When a disc moves out of its central position to bulge outside the spinal column, it can cause painful nerve compression that affects various parts of the body. 

Sciatica -- pain, numbness and muscle weakness in the leg -- is often caused by lumbar disc pressure. A bulging disc that occurs higher up in the spinal column might cause similar symptoms in an arm. A disc problem in the cervical spine, as in a case of whiplash, can cause severe neck pain and limited range of motion. Discs compressed by a degenerative illness can also cause severe nerve impingement.

Spinal decompression addresses this problem by applying mechanical traction to the part of the spine in need of help. The patient lies on a table, strapped into harnesses that hold the body in place during the procedure. Tiny, gradual amounts of traction are then applied, creating a negative pressure inside the spinal column. This “vacuum effect” pulls the errant disc back into place. Over the course of several decompression sessions, the disc has the opportunity to heal itself.


KDT Neural Flex Table Spinal Decompression

To make our decompression treatments as comfortable and effective as our chiropractic adjustments, our Framingham chiropractor has invested in the KDT Neural Flex Table. This state-of-the-art decompression table has a notable advantage over some other tables -- it can accommodate patients whether they are lying on their backs or on their stomachs, allowing us to find the perfect position for your needs. The table also has a cervical fitting, an invaluable aid in treating whiplash and degenerative disc problems in the neck. It even has a vibration function to help relax the muscles and stimulate blood flow to injured tissues. This highly adjustable device has helped us bring lasting relief to many Framingham, Medford, Medway and Ashland patients.

Contact our Framingham chiropractor today to learn more about the decompression techniques we offer and to schedule an initial consultation. We will be happy to evaluate your spine and apply the appropriate treatment, including chiropractic adjustments, decompression and/or physical therapy, to relieve your pain and help you heal.


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