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Holliston Chiropractor Helps Patients Recover from Sports Injuries and Auto Accidents

Here at Holliston Spine and Sports Center, we believe that wellness is not merely the absence of pain or disease, but the ability to be active and live each day to the fullest. That's why our chiropractor, Dr. Michael J. Krupa, is dedicated to helping patients manage pain, recover from injury and prevent future problems. Whether you are recovering from a sports injury or a car accident, Dr. Krupa's chiropractic care and physiotherapy treatments can help you heal and get active again.

Sciatica and Sports Injury Relief from Holliston Chiropractor

A sports injury to the musculoskeletal system can be difficult to heal using traditional medicine. Prescription painkillers only cover up the pain; these medications cannot correct the underlying problem and help your body heal. No one wants to be sidelined due to injury or face invasive surgery. Drawing on his extensive background in sports medicine, Dr. Krupa uses chiropractic adjustments and manipulatiojns to restore natural alignment to the body. He also works to decrease the build-up of scar tissue from muscle and soft tissue injuries, preventing future injury and reducing pain.

The most common cause of injury in a car accident is whiplash. During impact, the neck is jerked forward and backward beyond its natural range of motion. This hyperextension leads to neck pain and headaches. Lower back injuries can also occur if the pelvis is unable to move naturally in response to impact, resulting in a herniated disc. Like with sports injuries, traditional medicine only covers up the pain; chiropractic treatments that restore alignment can correct the underlying problem. For example, in the case of a herniated disc, the misaligned disc will put pressure on the nerves. If the herniated disc is in the lower back, it may press upon the sciatic nerve, causing sciatica, a condition of chronic pain and numbness in the legs, buttocks and lower back. Adjustment treatments can restore proper alignment and relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve, helping patients who suffer from sciatica to live pain-free lives.

Dr. Krupa believes every patient is unique and that a combination of complementary treatments, such as physiotherapy, in addition to chiropractic care, can speed healing and relieve pain faster. If you have a sports injury or personal injury, physiotherapy and corrective exercises can restore a full range of motion to your body. Physiotherapy exercise are tailored to each individual's injury and wellness needs, and designed to increase strength, improve flexibility and promote movement. In addition to corrective exercises, Dr. Krupa uses other physiotherapy techniques including moist heat therapy, interferential electrical muscle stimulation (to stimulate natural healing), and mechanical traction.

Many patients find that a combination of alignments from our chiropractor and physiotherapy are successful treatments for healing a sports injury and relieving pain from sciatica and even migraine headaches. We look forward to helping you heal and live a full, active life!
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