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The vast majority of Americans will suffer from a headache sometime this year. 75% of those will fall into the ubiquitous tension headache category, while about 17% of the population (the majority of whom are women) will suffer migraines. Another small percentage of people, mostly men, suffer from the dreaded cluster headache. While many doctors prescribe medications for relief, patients soon realize that the relief is temporary. Here at Holliston Spine & Sports Center, however, we have helped hundreds of headache sufferers throughout Milford, Medway and Ashland to find lasting relief through chiropractic care.

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Relieving Headaches and Migraines in Holliston, Milford, Medway and Ashland

Chiropractor Dr. Michael J. Krupa helps many headache sufferers find lasting relief from their pain through effective, non-invasive chiropractic treatments. On a patient's first visit, he spends as much time as possible getting to know the patient so he can discern the cause of each patient's headache, whether it is a tension headache, a migraine, or a cluster headache. Tension headaches, for example, are frequently caused by subluxations (misalignments) in vertebrae of the upper back and neck, which can come from prolonged poor posture or from a sports injury. The pain can last for an hour or for a few days, but usually does not come with nausea or vomiting. Realigning the vertebrae and improving posture can go a long way toward helping people avoid tension headaches.
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Migraines cause legendary misery with their throbbing pain, nausea, vomiting and extreme sensitivity to light. They appear to be caused by sudden changes in blood pressure within the brain, and can be triggered by certain foods, stress, odors, and sleep deprivation. A cluster headache is also an explosively painful headache that seems to be related to blood pressure changes within the brain. While they are typically short lived, they usually affect one side of the head, right behind the eye. They come in clusters over a period of days or even a year and also seem to be induced by some of the same triggers as migraines. An evaluation with our chiropractor can help patients here, and throughout Ashland, Milford and Medway, to understand these triggers so they make lifestyle changes to avoid them.

While traditional doctors may prescribe the same drugs for headache sufferers, Dr. Krupa may recommend different treatments for different patients because the root causes for the pain may be totally different for each patient. This is why chiropractic care is so effective at relieving headache pain: instead of just masking the symptoms with medication, Dr. Krupa looks for the reason behind the pain and treats it directly for lasting relief. Trigger point therapy, massage, spinal manipulation, and lifestyle adjustments are all possible therapies he may recommend, depending on each patient's condition.

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